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What are your hidden passions? What do you see? What feelings you experience by observing? I like the idea of reviving people’s secrets and their feelings, giving them a new life as objects of art, mixed with my own images, memories, impressions of the real life and characters. They are all part of my private world, the world of somebody who was born in the Former Soviet Union, lives in Israel and constantly travel around the world. In my art works, I combine everything that inspires me: russian children books, japanese and chinese mythology, hebrew writing, indian miniatures, old persian typography. I am excited to take my art to the next level and use new materials. My first collection is art silk scarves. I invite you to observe the creatures and to find yours.

Most of the time I draw in my little studio or (when the weather is good) outside in the garden or with sketchbook in local cafes.

(you can see more in my fb page or website)

Sometimes I play with my drawings before framing them

I have three kids (two girls and a boy). Often we draw and play together.

Here are some of my works:


Tel Aviv, Studio Gallery

Shanghai, 1918 ArtSpace

Tokyo, Billiken-Shockai gallery

Fresh Paint

I write a blog about my art, life, scarves and inspiration here

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